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Elysium Photography


Elysium Photography isn't the typical Photographer studio. It isn't to take family photos or get basic head shot images. It is Photography that captures vivid details with high contrast and dynamic lighting. It captures and creates moods, adds mystery, or simply work with the environment to create epic works of art that have character. Also with that in mind. Elysium Photography also covers the not so family friendly photo shoots such as burlesque shows, boudoir, and sometimes racy photo shoots. Most of the family friendly portraits, weddings, and events are done at www.JasonKvame.com. Even though a lot of the work is more creative, I am not into heavily Photoshopping images and focus more on getting the image on camera than making it afterwards on the computer.



Elysium Photography started out as a dream. Armed with a little Nikon D5000 and a semi basic lens. I ventured out into the world looking for work to flex my skills as a photographer and instructor. If you don't know instructing people is half the battle of getting a picture. Well minus a few extremely talented or perhaps just naturally interesting people I have met on my journey.


It was a slow start. With my prices being at cost or at a loss. I did however build up a portfolio to show the world none-the-less.

The business quickly expanded to a full time photography job. Still offering my services at a steal. I still managed to upgrade to an used Nikon D700 full frame camera to handle the workload and provide even more amazing and dynamic photos. With the full frame camera and mastering the external lights. I was fully armed to take on the world!


However, it became clear that with the variety of work being done that everything couldn't be contained in one studio. So began Elysium Photography for creative and non family friendly projects and Jason Kvame Photography for family friendly projects.



About me you ask? Or maybe you didn't ask but I will tell you anyways. My name is Jason Kvame. A self taught photographer that is passionate about all aspects of photography. I learned what I needed to know, not by endless training videos or seminars but by hours and hours of real life experience. Photographing models, people, and even more of myself. As who better to practice on than myself. Which was challenging in more than one way, as people tend to be there biggest critic and I was no exception. Eventually though I either got really good at photographing myself or just became more acceptable of my flaws.


Portraits, Weddings, & Events

Are done through Jason Kvame Photography

Model, Cosplay, & Other Portraits

Boudoir Photography

Shows & Performances

Nature Photography



Elysium Photography captures Cosplay, Boudoir, Shows, Events, Modeling, Fashion, Product, and much more.



For everything covered by Elysium Photography. The session cost is $100 with a few exceptions and packages range from $50-500.


What this includes is:

 - Up to an hour and a half of shooting time.

 - A series of studio lighting for all occasions.

 - Unlimited outfit changes.

 - Up to 2 different locations.

 - Facebook preview of the session within 48 hours.

 - Images edited within 14 days of shoot date.

 - 14 day Online gallery of all the images to share, favorite, and make purchases from.

 - Exclusive deals when you are a returning client.


There is some changes depending on the type, request, and deals but that is generally what to expect for packaging and prices.


Curious about the price? Isn't everyone. After all we are in the digital age, a time when taking hundreds or thousands of pictures cost a photographer nothing. Right? Well, hate to break it to you but no. We do live in a digital age and yes taking pictures is cheaper than ever but it still cost a fortune.



For every session I will be hauling nearly $5,000 of equipment! Much of which I worked at a minimum wage job to acquire. Even in the best of circumstances that be 4 months of 40 hours a week to save up for but lets be realistic. It took a lot longer than that as I have bills, a life, and expenses to survive. Not including the fact that there is equipment maintenance, repairs, and etc. Estimated that it cost me about $50 in repairs, maintenance, and etc per 1000 pictures I take.



Not to mention the monthly expenses of web hosting, Adobe Applications, Online gallery services, and business expenses such as taxes, insurance, license, and more.



Final point is that, like the rest of you this is a job that suppose to pay for not only the incredible expenses that go into it but for me to have a life, housing, food, and to support my wife and child.


So trust me, if the price could be cheaper it would be as I love photography, love where it takes me, and the people I meet.


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Elysium Photography

Vivid  high contrast photography



Vivid  high contrast